Friday, April 8, 2016

Lots has happened in the last 5 years!

We have since moved back to Australia.  Cameron has graduated and our average size family of 4 kids and 2 parents has grown to 6 kids and luckily still 2 parents! haha
We are in New Zealand right now post baby numbers sixes deliver awaiting an eagerly anticipated decision for surgery on my pelvis. With Manaias birth i experienced a full separation of the symphasis Pubis.  I was not able to walk for approximately 1 year, I was on heavy medication which did not allow me to awake and function normally in any way shape or form.  I was also on strict bed rest from 23 week pregnant which  i must say was literally the most boring mundane and utterly useless time of my life but the one who benefited the most from this was Manaia and that is all that matters so without further adieu here are the new additions .............

Number 4 is Manaia Te Rauhina Bailey was born in Salt Lake City, Utah 9th August 2010 She was such a petite little princess, she was an adorable little baby, she was just like a perfect little doll, So cute, she was loved by all of her sisters and her brother, carried everywhere and was a quite beautiful little girl.  If i didnt give birth to her I would think she wasn't mine haha she is so fair and had blue blue eyes for 3 years and then they started to change to the beautiful green - hazel colour she sports now.

 Number 5 child was born in NZ on the 21st December 2013 her name is Aaria Terina Monique Riah-leigh Purangawai Bailey and boy does she keep us on our toes. She is such a joy and super cute. She is one smart cookie and she loves to boss her big sister Manaia around.  She is a chunky little munchkin who can run  rings around us all day NO LIES! She is the only one out of our children that when she is up the rest of the household MUST be as well no exceptions, even a locked door means nothing to her, and she is go go go till the time she hits the sack.  She loves to play with her siblings and have them run around her.  She is a bit too spoilt for our liking which cause her to be a right little git sometimes but when she looks at you her face just melts your heart!

Number 6 is our precious bundle of joy Mahia Eva Jordan Bailey born 26th February 2016.
She was 36mnths 4days gestation when i gave birth.  my pregnancy was hard but she was perfectly healthy and thriving in the womb.  It was my body that was falling apart haha. So She 6-7 weeks old now and she is just like her brother and sisters ............ the bestest baby ever! She eats sleeps, poops and burps and she is not a fussy baby at all.  Ill get her being a little fussy if I took her off my breast to early or she cant bring her wind up but its nothing more then her squirming for a bit and a little grizzle she lets out once or twice but She looks exactly like her siblings, they are almost identical in there photos but i can tell the difference, (to be honest its just because of their blankets and outfits that i can tell the difference) lol  All i can say is that I am blessed to have every single one of them and


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Random Happy Shots of Manaia With her Sisters!!

Welcome Our Manaia!!!

We have not blogged since July - Man that is ages! Well we had an excuse...Terina was on bedrest the last two months of her pregnancy and had a couple of trips to the hospital. Manaia was finally brought into this world on August 9th at 5:47pm at the University of Utah Hospital. She was 6lbs 2oz and was beautifully healthy, even though she came early. Terina was relieved!!

Terina was brought home with Manaia 4 days later and was told to rest. She has been on crutches for the past 7 weeks, staying on the couch in pain. Terina had her pelvis ripped apart by the doctor during delivery and hurt her pubic bone as well. She has since being home, gotten mastitus and a bladder infection. Needless to say she has been through hell and we are hoping that she will recover soon. The pain medication she has been on since delivering Manaia, has been at times kept her so drowsy and tired, all she has wanted to do most days is sleep. I have been Mr. Mum to the kids and trying to look after Terina - making sure she always gets her pain meds on time and changing every single one of Manaia's dirty bums!

I decided to all my classes online this semester so i can be at home to help. It has worked out pretty well so far and Terina is getting plenty of rest, venturing outside in her wheelchair, maybe once a week or so to smell the fresh air.

We have appreciated the ward and all the meals they have brought to us and the well wishes of everyone. We have felt everyones prayers for us and the love and hope that one day we may be able to repay everyone for their service. Even it has been hard for my wife to accept the charity and service at times. We love you all - Thank you..

Monday, July 5, 2010


So the Latest is that I went in to Hospital, having bleeding which was determined to be a Placenta Abruption and progressed into Pre-term labour.
I had to Stay in for 4 days, I was then able to go home and landed back in hospital less than 48hrs later. Stayed over night then and because it all settled down and I promised the Doctors that I will do absolutely nothing! I was let go again on the condition that I stay on Bedrest, so I had 13weeks till my due date when this all started and now I have only 8.5 weeks to go.

Thank you to everyone who has helped out with my family and I, with dinners and babysitting and coming to visit me. I am grateful to you all.
Thank you to my husband who has had to do alot and for looking after us all!

Last of all we are having a little girl!!!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Its snowy outside and we didnt get to Hunt for Easter Eggs at the University of Utah Hunt because the Fire trucks came, something to do with the Candy Floss Machine setting off the Alarms, we didnt want to wait! So I did one for the kids for Family Home Evening after teaching them about the real meaning of Easter.
I don't usually give the kids rubbish to eat (Lollies and Candy) so as you can see in Hayden's Pictures he is Jumping in the air and Tyla Jade is stuffing her mouth with Lollies cause its like they never get it!!!! (ahhhh cause they don't) lol
I wish the weather would act like its Spring rather than Winter all over again! lol
This was the first Easter Egg Hunt I had done for the kids.

Friday, March 5, 2010


We got to go down to St George to stay with our Cousins Ra and Lani Puriri and their 3 boys for the weekend. It was sunny and beautiful and we watched Asa play soccer which I might add was my first Soccer game I ever watched! The kids love running around in the open clean air after Leo and playing with Asa, Hamilton, and Ammon. We had family home evening with Mike and Kristina and their family. My Cousins in St George are Awesome, oh my Nephew Hamilton is Hilarious!!!!!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


We are so glad that Heavenly Father gave us the opportunity to know this wonderful man and his beautiful wife Aunty Jenny and Children and Grandchildren.
He gave of his time and all he had to all he came in contact,He made you feel loved and important, his smile was warm and inviting and you could definitely feel his wonderful spirit the moment you were in his presence. We love you Jenny, Beelyn, Marvin, Melahn, Manasseh and all the kids, and we are glad to have you in our lives.
He loved his family and he loved his culture and the gospel.
We are so glad to have met both Jen and Dave's Whanau, from NZ and here they are just an awesome family.
Will always be thankful for the Saviour who offers us Eternal life and Families that can be together forever.

Cam, Terina and Whanau

David Atkinson 3/6/54 ~ 2/5/10 WEST BOUNTIFUL~ David (Rawiri, Jap)

Richard Henry Atkinson completed his life’s journey suddenly on February 5, 2010. Born in Kaeo, New Zealand to John and Dulcie Atkinson. He met his eternal partner and best friend, Jennifer Margaret Oliphant at Church College of New Zealand. They were sealed for time and all eternity in the LDS New Zealand Temple September 27, 1975. He served an LDS mission in Wellington, NZ from 1973-75. He and his family moved to the Salt Lake Valley in the spring of 1983 (just in time for the floods) where he lived the remainder of his life. David served unselfishly in many callings. He is one of the founding members of the nonprofit organization, The New Zealand American Society (NZAS), where he volunteered most of his free time. David is known for his unconditional love, compassion, honest nature and contagious smile. He is preceded in death by his father and mother, father-in-law, Donald V. Oliphant, and his sister, Patsie Hughes. He is survived by his loving wife, Jenni; daughter Melahn Taingario; daughter Beelyn Hurihia (Marvin) Moore; son Manasseh Rawiri; sister, Dawn (Colin) Armstrong; sister, Jo (Oz) Short; sister, Doreen Atkinson; granddaughters: Tyler Elizabeth Atkinson and Kaia Aroha Moore; grandsons: Mathias Manasseh Rawiri Atkinson, Jacob Jerry Atkinson, and Deion Kia Kaha Moore. David will be laying in state at 950 North 600 West, West Bountiful, Utah, 84087. Family and friends are invited to visit anytime from Monday afternoon, February 8, until Wednesday, February 10. An evening service will be held each night at 7:00 p.m. The final viewing will be held Thursday, February 11th at 10:00 a.m. with the funeral service to follow at 12:00 noon at the West Bountiful Stake Center, 1930 North 600 West, West Bountiful, Utah, 84087, under the direction of Russon Brothers Bountiful Mortuary, 295 North Main. David will be laid to rest at Lakeview Memorial, 1640 East Lakeview Dr, Bountiful, Utah 84010.

Thursday, February 4, 2010


So just a little note that we are having our 4th baby. I will be going to the doctors tomorrow so we will see how our little one is progressing. I'm doing horrible health wise but other than that I am grateful to have this baby just as much as our other 3 Beautiful children, only difference is that this one will be American /New Zealand citizen. Here is a pic of our Ultrasound for memory sake, cause the kids are always grabbing the ultrasound and carrying it around. They will probably end up loosing it or hiding it in the toy box. I have lost 17 pounds in the last 3 weeks.
I cant eat much at all so I am only able to drink Sparkling water (Fizzy water) yes I know yum!!! Ritz biscuits are my friend and Tomatoes with Salt, actually this week I was able to eat a cup of Pineapples Yay!!!!!! Still not being able to eat sucks and not being able to keep it down is just as sucky, and I hate wasting food, I have asked Cam a couple of times for different things only to have half a mouthful and then give my entire dinner to him. I think he secretly enjoys that.
What a way to loose weight!!!! All in all we are very happy we are expecting another child and the kids are really excited. Lets hope I can teach this one to have a kiwi accent and keep it yeah! Well we will see!!!!!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Just a few pictures I took the other night when Cameron and I decided to take the children down to the Salt Lake Temple to see the Lights for Monday night Family home evening just before Christmas! It was a perfect but cold night to walk around the temple, just the last 15mins we were there it started to lightly snow.

Monday, December 21, 2009


So my awesome friend Anna, got tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas Presentation this December and took me with her, the guest singer was non other than NATALIE COLE, I totally loved it she was amazing. I fully slipped over in the snow that night and bent my fingers back, oh my gosh it was totally embarrassing lol, and I was being soooooo careful.
Here are a few pics that I took on the night.


I think in my old age (of 30) hahahaha I have come to realize that I have not really wanted or asked for anything at Christmas time for the last
maybe 6 -7yrs.
Cam and I don't buy each other presents.

I think I love seeing my kids happy and enjoy Christmas through the eyes of my Children,
In light of the worlds turmoil I am definitely grateful to have a home, to have a family near and far to give my life meaning, to have food and clothing to meet my needs, to have the Gospel to enrich my life, to have friends that bring joy and fun in my life, to have Children to bring a smile on my face and warm my heart and to have a husband to love me back even when I don't deserve it. I do have my own Christmas list which is so much more than money and gifts and shopping and Santa, That I will still have my Mum and my Dad this time next year, My family friends and myself will stay healthy and strong, that we will have peace and that everyone will have a friend and not be lonely, No more war and right will always prevail.

I hope you all are blessed with the things I have on my Christmas list

Merry Christmas Everyone.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


Congratulations Hayden and Karenza Karamea on passing your
Yellow Belt Exam and doing so well in Karate,
Here is a Picture of Hayden and Karenza with Dillan Hatch their Teacher!
He is an awesome Black belt!

Monday, November 16, 2009


I just wanted to blog for Terina's 30th Birthday. She wasn't very well the last two weeks with the Swine Flu. It went through the whole family except I think i managed to escape without too much harm. Her friend Cher, decided she needed a fun trip to Vegas to see the Lion King Concert at Mandalay Bay Casino, so she paid for her to go there and they had a great time, even though Terina was still exhausted. It's amazing when the body is out of bed doing something fun, the adrenaline kicks in and takes over and she forgot all about being sick. Don't worry she was no longer contagious at this point. We had cake and she loved her flowers and electric blanket for the bed with Winter coming up. I earned some brownie points for that one. The kids were all excited for her too and made cards for her one morning when she was asleep when they saw that it was her b'day on the calender.

P.S Terina strightened Tyla Jade's hair the same day as she was getting ready to go to Vegas. TJ loved it and was showing it off in the photos. Strange seeing her without her gollywog locks!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


This has got to be the best chocolate in the world. Jen and Dave bought me dinner tonight and they bought me this Birthday Present from New Zealand only My Favourite Chocolate in the whole wide world CADBURY COCONUT ROUGH CHOCOLATE.
Also my awesome Visiting Teachings bought me this Chocolate Tree for my birthday too. I just love them to bits!
Thanks for making my birthday one of the best!!!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Friday, October 9, 2009


I love that you have PJ's here for nearly every occasion, so I couldn't pass up the opportunity to get the kids some Halloween PJ's when they had all grown out of their PJ's they have now!

PS: Winnie the Pooh has inherited Tyla Jades Costume from last year!

Wednesday, October 7, 2009


So needless to say that I cant wait till the next movie comes out. November is such a long time to wait. I guess I will just read the book again and hopefully that will kill the twilight bug. Oh I bought this amazing candle from
in their Twilight collection i bought their Bella Candle and it is so yummy.

Friday, October 2, 2009


Our nephews and Hayden doing the Haka after Alpine Days.



This is sooooooooooo precious to me a pic of my Nanny,
Michelle gave me these pictures of my beautiful Nanny and so I had to blog them.
We miss you Nanny. Every day of our lives we wish you were here still.